Ola Magnell

I have been given two guitars in my lifetime. My father gave me a Crafton for my thirteenth birthday. That’s when it all started, with Paul Anka and the lads. For my sixtieth birthday my friends gave me a Sundberg. I almost fell backwards. I am still, and always will be, very happy about this gift. It’s a magnificent piece of work. A handsome, elegant guitar which feels steady and has an equable and personal sound. If I play softly it responds beautifully fragile. If I play tougher it answers back loud and strong. The bass is already deep and will mature nicely. This guitar sounded great straight away and is also very easy to play. Sometimes it feels like it’s playing itself. The solid neck and the wide fretboard suite my fingers perfectly. I’m looking forward to learning how it behaves on stage and in the studio. But for now I will just keep it at home for a few months and give it plenty of playing time. An amazing guitar, David!
/Ola Magnell

Ola plays: S-Dreadnought