Bert Deivert


David Sundberg started building me a guitar based on a vintage Nick Lucas design we talked about, with 12 frets to the body and an extremely wide and V-shaped neck based on a Gibson HG-00 from the 30′s that I have and don’t want to tour with. I thought that I could have a guitar to tour with that could be similar to the vintage ones, and I wouldn’t have to be as worried about airline damage. The HG-00 was my favorite guitar, but upon receiving my guitar from David, I found that it sounded better and played better than any of my vintage guitars, including my three 1930′s Gibsons – LC Century, L-4, and HG-00! The Sundberg is now the guitar I reach for at home, when writing, and on tour. I haven’t played a better guitar in my more than 40 years of playing. The vintage vibe is there! He is an amazing builder and a great, friendly guy to work with. The sunburst is the most beautiful I have seen on a guitar too! Thanks for making my music sound even better man!
/Bert Deivert

Bert plays: S-Dread, S-00 and S-00