Lars Winnerbäck

First I just wanted a personalized guitar, to have a one-of-a-kind. But then David pointed out that it has to sound good as well, and that it should be used. And since we were talking anyway, I figured I might as well get that nylon stringed guitar I’ve always planned on getting. So I ordered a small steel stringed one (it has, of course, a name with numbers as well, but I always forget what it is) mainly for studio work, and one nylon stringed, both with the initials L W engraved on the twelfth fret. But then everybody got so envious, and I was so happy with it, that I got all big-headed and ordered a big ass ostentatious guitar with WINNERBÄCK all along the neck and a ton of abalone pearl everywhere. And all of them sound so good, both in the studio as well as on stage, and now they’ll go touring in Sweden. I have a fourth one too, a feather-light
little sucker that I only play at home for the time being.
/Lars Winnerbäck

Lars plays: S-Dread, S-Dread, S-Dread, S-00, S-000, S-BZ, S-J Baritone, S-CL, S-J