Mark Olson


David Sundberg made a guitar for me. It is the best guitar that I have ever owned.
I am using the guitar as my #1 guitar now on all stage and recording appearances.
I used the Sundberg acoustic guitar on the new Jayhawk album “Mockingbird Time”
that was recorded in Minneapolis in November 2010. This album will be released
in June of 2011 and everyone can see what an acoustic guitar is supposed to sound like.

I like the following things about Davids guitar:

1. The sound is a beautiful mixture of low, high and mids. A perfect balance.

2. The electric pick up he put in transfers this sound through any PA no matter

how inebriated the current soundman is in any music club in the world.

3. The intonation is perfect hence the use of this guitar in all recording situations.

4. David set up the guitar and the action is perfect.

5. The guitar is fun to play and hold onto (very important).

My advice is for anyone who enjoys playing an acoustic guitar is this:

get a Sundberg Guitar, get it now and then try and get another one.
That is what I am going to do.

/Mark Olson

Mark plays: S-Dreadnought signature model