Frans Haraldsen

I went for years and wanted to order a guitar signed Sundberg. I met David Sundberg long before he had started to build guitars. It was at Stampen in Old Town in Stockholm sometime in the late 90′s if I remember correctly. Years went by and the next time I met him his workshop was up and running.

In early 2009 I was out for a long tour. Tired of playing nylon stringed guitar for my whole career I called David and impulse ordered a small steel-stringed guitar. And I’m really happy for that. I got the guitar at the end of March 2009 and it is by far the best purchase I ever done. The guitar sounds and act the way I was dreaming about. A nice thing about me waiting all these years with my order is that I received my Sundberg Guitar numbered nr76, which is my birth year.

/Frans Haraldsen

Frans plays: S-1

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