• 2010-12-06

    Words from the lovely Sofie Livebrant about her S-1

    Read what Sofie thinks about her Sundberg parlor guitar. Follow this link:

  • 2010-12-02

    Sundberg Acoustic Slide

    Sundberg Guitars introduces the Acoustic Slide.
    A double neck slide with various tunings gives you a lot of interesting soundscapes.
    Go beautiful, filthy blues or hawaiian style. The choice is yours! 
    The Sundberg Acoustic Slide features four pick ups, two acoustic under saddle
    pick ups and two Lundgren custom made electrical pick ups.

  • 2010-11-29

    Ola Gustafsson

    It is difficult to explain how happy and proud I am that Ola Gustafsson, one of our finest guitarists have made the choice to play on a Sundberg guitar. There is no idea to start counting up the numerous records he has recorded or all the artists he has been playing with. Do you like great guitar work, google on Ola Gustafsson, and dive into his work.
    / David Sundberg

  • 2010-11-09

    New article (in swedish)

    Under Media-articles/interviews you`ll find a new article about David Sundberg getting his Master title in guitar building.
    Or use this link:

  • 2010-11-04

    Master in guitar building!

    2010-11-03 the Swedish crafts council titled David Sundberg as Master in guitar building.

  • 2010-10-27

    Gullbrand, new artist up!

    The talented guitarist Klas Gullbrand now plays Sundberg OM guitar. Visit his myspace and listen to his music.


  • 2010-10-12

    Mark Olson signature model

    Sundberg Guitars is really really proud to announce the Mark Olson signature model. Mark did receive his new Sundberg guitar a couple of weeks ago on tour. According to the reports from Marks crew he is really happy with his S-D. Mark plays Stockholm at Debaser the 20th of october. David Sundberg will meet Mark in Stockholm and get back to you with words from mr Olson regarding the guitar. Stay tuned.

  • 2010-10-12

    Anna Stadling new CD out!

    The 20th of october Anna Stadlings new CD called E4 mot norr will be available in stores. Check it out and listen to Annas music and her S-OM.

  • 2010-10-08

    New website

    Welcome to the new official website for Sundberg Guitars!

    After four years of heavy work in the workshop and no website updates we decided to launch a brand new website for Sundberg Guitars. 
    We would like to thank Nicke Forsberg at Rockheart for great work building the site.

    We also hope that you will find a good stay here at www.sundbergguitars.com

    Thank you all!

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